JPoint® Micro-Electronic Reflex Sight - In Stock

JPoint® Micro-Electronic Reflex Sight - <span style="color: green;">In Stock</span>
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    JPoint Micro-electronic reflex sight with 65 MOA circle around 1 MOA dot
    • Compact, lightweight, and versatile--these are what define the JPoint® Micro-electronic sight. A design, and a concept that has stood the test of time needing only minimal improvements over the years. From the uncompromising demands of 3-Gun and IPSC competition to life-or-death duty in the Middle East, the little JPoint sight has proved its mettle and its viability.
    • The Circle Dot reticle offers a larger ring to aid in faster target acquisition than the 4 MOA model while offering a smaller central dot for precision aiming at longer ranges. This ring size corresponds to the height over bore for very close range (point-blank) fire.
    • Includes two sight covers, dial with 1.5mm wrench, CR2032 battery and instructional manual.
    • No mounts included. Many mounting options available, contact us for your specific application.