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    .223 Case gauge for reloaders, Takes the guess work out of checking you ammo for oversize out of spec.rounds
  • Check 100 rounds at a time for primer issues, and oversize cases.
  • The pic with ammo loaded is all from our reject bin.
  • Most of these will work, but not a risk to take when a match is on the line
  • Simple to use, place on flat surface
  • Load rounds, bullet first
  • Lift up, any rounds that do not drop flush are over size and should be removed and placed in the Practice bin or checked further.
  • Also a good time to check for properly seated primers
  • It is important to keep this gauge clean, the .223 cartridge is much more complex than the pistol ammo many are used to gauging. If you seem to be getting too many failures, try the round in a different hole, if it clears the previous hole is likely dirty, blow it out and keep gauging
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