Burris Fastfire III or AR-F3

Burris Fastfire III or AR-F3
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    Fast Fire III Features include:
    • 20,000 hour battery life.
    • Waterproof.
    • Steel Construction.
    • Increases your shooting speed and accuracy.
    • Low profile picatinny rail mount.

    Select the AR-F3 below. Perfect for the MKA 1919 or AR-15.
    • The AR-F3 combines the popular FastFire III with a rugged protective picatinny-style mount.
    • The mount has a storage compartment for spare batteries, open-end wrench and torx wrench.
    • This ultimate CQB sight is perfect for mounting as a stand alone sight or to co-witness with iron sights on flattop MKA 1919 or AR-15.
    • No need for a riser, perfect height for a good cheek weld, for fast target acquisition
    • Covered by the Burris 1-year factory warranty.
    AR-F3 , 3MOA
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