Level 10 Forward Side Charging Forend

Level 10 Forward Side Charging Forend
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    Our Level 10 Forend has a non-reciprocating charging handle.
    • Match forend has a different mounting adapter- does not require guide rod removal.
    • will not fit a MATCH PRO, requires a different guide rod. CALL if you have a PRO
    • Left side charging handle only.
    • Please note, these are one piece and will slip over barrel diameters of 15/16" and smaller.
    • Standard Length is 12"
    • Includes a short top rail, as pictured.
    • It is drilled and tapped on the bottom for additional rails and accepts M-lok attachments on the sides.
    Select the correct forend for your MKA below, as well as any options you want. Only fits the models below.

    Wt. 1#5oz
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    Magpul FDE (+$30.00)
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