Level 4 MKA 1919 Forend

Level 4 MKA 1919 Forend
    Code: TN004
    Price: $198.00
    Shipping Weight: 1.75 pounds
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    BE SURE to select the model MKA 1919 you have PRE-XN, XN, or MATCH
    • Counts as ONE 922r compliance part
    • Our Level 4 Forend comes with Full top and Bottom Milspec rails , as well as 5 Slot rails on the front at 3 & 9 O'clock.
    • Please note, these are ONE PIECE and will slip over barrel Dia. of 15/16 and smaller.
    • NOTE on the BR-99(and other similar) there will be a GAP of .188" where the rails meet due to the BR-99 receiver rail being machined short
    • Wt 1# 4oz
    In addition to the color choices below, we also offer all other Durabake colors on special request.

    Colored items MAY require an additional 7-10 days before shipping.

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