Shotgun Magazines - 5% Off Pre-Order Sale!!

<b>Shotgun Magazines - <span style="color: Green;">5% Off Pre-Order Sale!!</span>
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    These mags will also fit ALL other AR15 Style shotguns like the MKA 1919. Some of them have tight magwells and will not drop free, they WILL function. Will NOT fit the UTAS XTR-12
    Some examples, MKA 1919 (ALL models), Rock Island VR60, TR Imports SE-122, Armagon G-12, Leader Arms PW12 - there are 20+ similar copies of the MKA 1919, Mags, triggers, Mag release are about the only parts that will interchange, a few have more but I only know of 1 that has all common parts.
  • Select Capacity, 2 Rnd, 5 Rnd, 10 Rnd, 16 Rnd, 24 Rnd 28 Rnd. - sometimes the big sticks will load 1 less round, depending on how the spring stacks up, if it's important for a stage, make sure and count
  • The 2 Rnd mag is a 5 Rnd mag that is LIMITED to 2 rounds for hunting purposes. It is removable if you disassemble the mag.
  • Use 2 3/4 or 3" Shells
  • Lightweight construction, Steel feed lips.
  • 100% guaranteed to lock in, feed reliably, and drop free in the MKA 1919, other similar copies may have a tight magwell and they may not drop free.
  • We have replacement springs and followers available
  • ALL STEEL mags!!
  •   29 Round mag (Steel) $200- Pre-Order for $190
      24 Rnd Mag (Steel) $160 - Pre-Order for $152
      19 Rnd Mag (Steel) $135- Pre-Order for $128.25
      14 Rnd Mag (Steel) $100Pre-Order for $95
      10 Rnd Mag (Steel) $70 - Pre-Order for $66.50
      5 Rnd Mag(steel) $40 - Sold Out
      2 Rnd Mag(steel-a limited 5 round mag) $39.95 - SOLD OUT
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