The Cannibal AR15, 3 Port, Tuneable Muzzle Brake

The Cannibal AR15, 3 Port, Tuneable Muzzle Brake
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    Introducing - The Cannibal
    Simply the best AR15 brake available, it EATS the competition. 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    1" dia, 3 5/16 overall length, 3" from muzzle crown 5.8 oz. Legal for all divisions , in all competitive shooting sports
    3 User tunable threaded ports to fit your ammo, rifle, and shooting style. You must drill the final hole into the high pressure port.
    Supplied with 3 tuneable (solid) plugs, to optimize preformance specific to your rifle and ammo load. 
    You will need a drill and good quality bits for the optimim tuning ability, it's fantastic right out of the box.

    • this video is a base, $499.00 AR-15, the only upgrade is a Bianary trigger, and our comp. - untuned. It gets even better with some tuning.