Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if my gun is an XN?
A: Look on the right side of the upper receiver below the bolt. If you have an XN model it will say MKA-1919 XN. If you have a pre-XN model it will say MKA-1919 or Magnum.

Q: Can I still shoot 3” shells with your forends
A: Yes, ALL of our forends keep the factory gas system in place, allowing you to shoot any ammo compatible with a factory stock gun. Even our shorty forends work with 3” shells.

Q: Why is my gun getting a double feed or failure to feed?
A: The MKA is very magazine dependant. If your magazine feed lips are not tuned properly the gun will have feeding issues. If you are having double feeds the feed lips are too wide. Failure to feed, the feed lips are too tight and not allowing the bolt to pick up the next round. If you need further help tuning your magazine give us a call.

Q: Why do some of my factory 10 round magazines fall out when I shoot, none of the 5 rounders do?
A: In some of the factory 10 rd magazines the square hole that the magazine catch engages is placed too low in the steel body. To remedy this, the hole must be filed slightly to allow the catch to engage properly. File the hole towards the top of the magazine. Remove just a little material then test for fit. Continue this until the magazine clicks in solidly.

This can also be attributed to there being some plastic flashing left over from the molding process. Check around the magazine to ensure there is no plastic sticking up preventing the full insertion of the magazine. If there is, remove the material causing the obstruction with a knife.

Lastly the magazine release spring has caused a few problems as well. If the spring is too weak from the factory, the recoil of the gun will cause the magazine to work out from the catch over several rounds causing it to drop. If you have this issue give us a call and we will help you out.


  • Stock Cut
  • Grip Cut and Install
  • Trigger Install
  • Forend Install
  • Bolt Handle Install
  • Other services available upon request.

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Our return policy is 14 days from the date received, refund of item price only. Defective items will be replaced, or refunded at the customer’s request. Abused or altered items cannot be returned.

Shipping on most items is a flat rate based on the size and weight of the item, most items will ship Priority Mail with USPS, and larger items will ship UPS. Customer is responsible for paying shipping costs.

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