MKA 1919 Drop in Trigger, Gen 3 - In Stock

MKA 1919 Drop in Trigger, Gen 3 - <span style="color: green;">In Stock</span>
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    Drop in trigger. Comes assembled with blind pin. Counts as 3 US made parts for 922r compliance.

    Pull weight with full power spring is under 6# 3 oz VS 8# 12oz + (factory XN model, Pre-XN is significantly higher, 12-15+#) averaged over 10 pulls. We can adjust this trigger to sub 4# pull wt for competition shooters.
  • Zero creep, with a short reset.
  • New design delivers more energy to the firing pin with a lighter spring
  • Will fit most AR15 style shotguns, BR99, FR99, PW12, etc.
  • Spring Upgrade:
    Add these to drop an additional pound off the pull weight.(+$12)