TI-7 Stock - In Stock

TI-7 Stock - <span style="color: green;">In Stock</span>
    Code: TN020-Combo
    Price: $46.99
    Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
    Quantity in Basket: None
    • DOES NOT INCLUDE a milspec buffer tube and lock ring
    • Add a Stock Adapter (options below) and SAVE $$
    • Stock Adapters are BLACK
    • This buttstock has a contoured buttplate, made of a rubber-like material, that allows the stock to rest comfortably in any shooting position.
    • The buttplate provides a positive, non-slip contact surface. The buttstock features a sloping cheek-weld surface that allows for greatest shooting accuracy.
    • The stock attaches by a unique, patent-pending method that ensures smooth rattle-free action and proper fit to the receiver tubes.
    • There are 2 water-resistant storage chambers for batteries or cleaning kit in the buttstock. There is no need to remove the buttstock to access the storage, the chambers can be opened while the stock is mounted.
    • The release lever is shielded and the whole stock is designed to be very snag-resistant. The release lever can be operated with a single hand to adjust or remove the buttstock.
    • The buttstock also has an ambi quick-release sling swivel point.
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